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You are probably wondering what a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is and what does it do?  We hope to give you a better understanding of why we have a DDA and what  the benefits are for the Village 


Our Downtown Development Authority was established in April 2004.  By establishing a DDA it entitles the Village to a portion (called capturing) of taxes that are already being paid.  There are no additional taxes paid to cover the amount that goes to the DDA.  The money is “captured” from Forest and Marathon Townships, Genesee and Lapeer Counties as well as the Village.  This money can then be used by our DDA to make upgrades to the area established as our “downtown”.  When our DDA was established we included the entire Village as our “downtown” enabling us to make upgrades and spend the DDA money anywhere within the Village. 


Projects & Support Funded by the Village of Otter Lake DDA

  • Paving of beach and campground entrance
  • Lighted Lamppost
  • Support to Southern Links Trail-Way
  • Blight & Code Enforcement
  • Sidewalk Stamping
  • Trees in Park
  • Replace Boat Launch Approach
  • Flower Beds by Master Gardeners
  • Stamped Concert
  • Street Flags
  • Sound System for Park Pavilion Activities
  • Community Events Board
  • Web Site
  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Paving on Detroit Street driveway approaches
  • Striping of Main Roads thru Town
  • Paving Forest Avenue in front of St Johns church
  • Paver Bricks front of Village Market
  • Bike Coral in Park
  • Park Signage
  • Swing Set in Park
  • Washburn Rd
  • Farmers Market
  • Topical Survey of Campground
  • Repair Skate Park
  • Electrical Upgrade to Campground
  • Sponsor 2015 Otter Lake Summer Festival 
  • Painting & Roof repair in downtown



                       Updated 7/8/2015




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